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I started out as a painter, but as with many creative people, I found myself drawn to other mediums. Below find information and links to other projects. I am always looking to collaborate with other artists of different genres. My preference is to experiment with various media and digital techniques. I am keen on eco-friendly art and social art. I am currently working on a project involving paper flowers made by folding receipts. Also I am collaborating on a project  involving Turkish immigration in Berlin.

Digital Microscope Photography


Visit this website to view still life and self portraits shot with a child's digital microscope camera. Please be advised some photography is erotic.


HyperOptik Creative


This is an artist collective I established to bring together artists of various mediums to create multi-media projects. Our most recent project was an exhibit using smart phone cameras and software. The exhibition was titled "Instant Gratification" and took place in Barcelona, Spain. Four photographers from New York, Poland, and Germany shot images from their homelands and continued to evolve the exhibit by shooting in Barcelona.


The I Love You Project®


Social art involving microscope camera photography and video. A collaboration with musicians and filmmakers. This project has been conducted in Barcelona, Spain and Germany. This project celebrates and encourages diversity. Participants say "I Love You" in their native languages. People arrive to the project as strangers and depart as friends.