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Debbie Davies uses found children's objects to show the impact of
American gun culture and gun violence. Part of the PLAYGROUND Series.

The artwork titled “Let’s Play Dead” is made with a discarded, repurposed wooden toy, made by the Little Dutch company.


The original printed graphics were painted over or covered with images related to guns and conflict. Unfortunately, children are growing accustomed to the images of guns at an earlier age. This artwork highlights how children are hardened against the violence before they can even speak full sentences.


It is also a memorial to the victims of mass school shootings in the USA. Four portraits of young mass shooters appear on one side of the cube. Other portraits are of the victims of a mass shooting in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas in 2022 where 19 students and 2 teachers were killed.


“Raise them right” is also a repurposed wooden “baby play gym” manufactured by the Heimess company. Some of the colorful elements have been removed or repainted. The hanging toys have been augmented with images of guns.


Both artworks are prototypes for larger sculptures.

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