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I am a Berlin-based multi-disciplinary American artist. Since the early 1990s my paintings, assemblages, and photography have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Frankfurt, Berlin, Tokyo, Barcelona, and Kyiv. Screenings of my videos have been held in Thailand, Poland, Italy, and Spain.


My abstract paintings are tactile, luring viewers to touch the rough surfaces. During the act of painting, I allow the painting to independently evolve rather than maintaining full control. I am influenced by the work of Anselm Kiefer, Jackson Pollock, Jean Du Buffet, and Terry Winters.


My SPIRAL SERIES channels the art of ancient cultures. My education in both science and civil engineering has informed my art; the organic fluid quality of the SPIRALS and the structure of the MOSAIC SERIES. The materials I use are mostly natural - paint combined with pumice, garnet ore, and mica painted on wood.


I also create artwork using recycled and found materials. The assemblages - paper flowers made from discarded paper - include receipts and sometimes plastic elements, all rescued from trash. For the eco-conscious art collector, my art can fit right in with your collection.

In 2012 I began The I Love You Project® which is an ongoing project featuring digital photos and videos celebrating diversity. This project took on deeper meaning during the Russia-Ukraine war since part of the project was conducted in Kyiv in 2014. The project has been conducted in several European cities. The technology used is a digital microscope camera. The project is an extension of my ongoing photography experiments.

I participated in the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tours for several years when I maintained an atelier in New York, and I was a member of the Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition. I founded Ad Finem Gallery in Brooklyn, representing local artists exclusively. I then moved on to representing commercial photographers, and became a producer, before eventually starting Focus + Finance which provides financial services to creative professionals. I continue this business currently, working from Berlin.

Along with my finance business, I am founder of LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum in Neukölln, Berlin. Since 2016 LiTE-HAUS exhibits contemporary art by emerging artists. The space is also where I show my own artwork and conduct projects in collaboration with other artists.

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