Debbie T. Davies​


I am a New York based multi-media artist who has been creating professionally since the mid-1990s. I've participated in exhibitions in London, Berlin, Tokyo, Kyoto, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Kyiv, and New York. My painting style is definitively abstract expressionist. The artworks possess a tactile quality luring viewers to touch the rough surfaces. During the act of painting, I allow the painting to independently evolve rather than believe I am the one in complete control. The result is free and colorful. I am influenced by Anselm Kiefer, Jackson Pollock, Jean Du Buffet, and Terry Winters. The spirals channel the art of ancient cultures. My educational background in both medicine and civil engineering has informed my art; the organic fluid quality of the spirals and the structured linear quality of the mosaics. The materials I use, mostly acrylic paint combined with course materials like pumice, garnet, and mica painted on wood, are a firm attachment to nature. I also create artwork using recycled and found materials. I am known for my flowers [made from discarded paper & plastic packing material] and florettes [made from receipts]. For the eco-friendly art collector, my art can fit right in with your green collection. I've participated in the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tours for several years when I maintained a studio there and was a member of the Brooklyn Working Artist Coalition. I was born in Trinidad and come from a very colorful background, both ethnically and culturally. Trinidad is known for it's splendid Carnival, exotic foods, and diversity. I'd like to think what is in my blood transfers into the paintings and objects I create. My most recent work is The I Love You Project®, digital photos and videos which celebrate diversity. I am founder of LiTE-HAUS Galerie in Berlin.